Saturday, 17 December 2011

"My feeling and expectation in UBI 1022's class"

salam....and hello everybody.....
            today i want to tell about my first english class in part 2 for this UBI 1022's first class I feel nervous to enter the class..I like to learn english subject but I'm not good in this part my lecturer who name is Miss Junaidah bt Abdul Rahman..she look very strict but kindly person..she always give her help when i need it..for the first class, miss Ju asks us to do a public speaking which tittle is "the personality that I admire the most"..this is my first presentation that want to me speak in english to many peoples in my class..although, Im not good in english but i try to do the best for the task..huhu...
             my expectation for the english class is I want to improve my english education..I want to get A's in this subject for this part..I hope Miss ju can help me to achieve my target..hehe

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